Be inspired to create the life you want! - Enjoy our newsletter!

Be inspired to create the life you want! - Enjoy our newsletter!

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Retirement planning in a shifting environment can be tough,  We educate you on using your retirement dollars wisely with wealth principals in mind.  Come to our class on retirement planning to learn how to employ advanced wealth strategies.

Dream Setting: Plan for Your Dreams We will talk about setting financial goals by determining one’s dreams and creating a plan to achieve them.

RSVP only. Call 719-235-5494 or email

Educational ClassesLocationRoomDate(s)Class TimeRSVPs ONLY
Tax and RetirementLibrary 21 CB-6TBDTBDRSVP only, Call 210-4242 or email
Tax and RetirementRampart Range Campus of PPCCTBDTBDTBDRSVP only, Call 210-4242 or email
Tax and RetirementLibrary 21CB-6TBDTBDRSVP only, Call 210-4242 or email

Decision points include:

  • How Much fun am I having, can I have more
  • How do I plan for dreams
  • What are my goals and when are they
  • Now or Later
  • Divorce Factor
  • What are your total benefits over your lifetime
  • What is the best option for you personally
  • Protecting survivor benefits
  • Managing the impact of Taxes
  • Choosing to Work
  • Filling the income gap

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