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Why are you making money?

Why are you making money? This may seem like an odd question. Most of my clients seem slightly caught off guard by this. We are trained from day one that more money is better, which generally I would agree with, but you must dive deeper than that to be successful with... Read more

A translator for your financial world

I’ve thought a lot about why I’m a financial advisor. I mean, you would hope someone who has invested time, energy, and money into becoming a financial guide would think about it, right? I’ve found that I am someone who deeply cares about helping... Read more

Beware Credit Card Debt

Beware: Credit Card Debt Increasing Consumers are once again relying on credit cards to fund their expenditures, as the number of people who have a credit card has spiked to their highest level since 2005 during the first quarter of 2017, according to TransUnion, the... Read more

Important Disclosure Information

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