Be inspired to create the life you want! - Enjoy our newsletter!

Be inspired to create the life you want! - Enjoy our newsletter!

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My name is Tara Nolan of Nolan Financial and we specialize in working with pre-retirees and retirees with investible assets to protect and grow, and high-income earners who want to become high net worth earners. We help you achieve and retain the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Why Tara?

My clients enjoy working with an advisor who benefits them with a personalized two-fold approach. First, we elicit your needs, goals, and dreams. Then, we create a unique comprehensive plan tailored to support your desires.

My clients also enjoy working with a fully independent financial advisor. We have access to a wide range of investment products and services, so we tailor investment portfolios specifically for our clients. Further, I have a legal and ethical fiduciary obligation to act in good faith for each client, as a registered investment advisor. We feel strongly about helping my clients achieve their goals and dreams, and work to provide you with the highest-quality service and guidance.

This is the difference between being investment focused and client-focused. We interact with your other advisors such as your attorney, accountant, mortgage broker, an insurance agent to make sure that proper planning is done and effective implementation takes place.

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