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 Plan for Your Dreams!   -Tara Nolan

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What I Do for My Clients Tara E Nolan Independendent Financial Advisor Colorado

Process Overview

1. Define Plans and Goals

2. Assess Risk & Education

3. Match Solutions w/ Your Needs

4. Implement Plan

5. Track & Review

In order for my clients to achieve the lifestyle of their dreams, I offer a comprehensive range of retirement planning services, savings options that permit both tax-deductible contributions and tax-deferred earnings, and a dedicated and knowledgeable staff to help with planning your retirement. In addition, I can assist you in developing your overall financial plan to achieve specific goals through targeted tools including 401(k) plans, traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. I support businesses in their development of employee pension plans and educate plan manager and employees alike. Personal services adapted to individual needs. My services start with a Comprehensive Planning Review. My process has 5 steps to capture, analyze & update your financial plan as your life progresses.




What to Expect at Our First Meeting

1.  At the first meeting new clients typically like to discuss one of the following 4 topics:

How do I raise my kids with wealth?  

I am interested in creating my personal philanthropic philosophy?  

How do I do this?

What are my option? 

What are my 4 Estate Planning Must Do Now Issues? 

I need help structuring my tax planning but don’t even know where to begin or what CPA to hire?

2. In addition to this discussion, you will receive a goal setting workbook to keep. What is the purpose of this workbook?    It is an effective communication tool to make sure you’re on the same page with your partner and yourself.  It is surprising how revealing it can be to write your goals down on paper.  To create an effective plan it is critical to uncover hidden goals and discuss obvious goals.  The true alignment of purpose with yourself and your loved ones is the very first step of creating a successful wealth management plan.  There is a summary page that consolidates your identified goals and we will use this list as the foundation for planning.  Math is a simple, black and white tool to implement your investment plan.

3.  Plan for 30 minutes for this first meeting.   


List of Available Services 

Businesses Services
• Individual 401(k) Accounts
• Business 401 (k) Plans
• Plan evaluations
• Plan manager education
• Employee education

 Individual Planning Services
• Financial Planning
• Comprehensive Planning Review
• College Planning
• Estate Planning
• Trust Services
• Transfers to Beneficiaries
• Annuities
• Charitable Endowment Fund
• Charitable Partners Program
• Retirement Planning
• Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
• Individual 401(k) Accounts
• Managed Accounts
• Asset Management Services
• Wealth Management Solutions
• Asset Allocation

Tara Nolan
Independent Financial Advisor
"Plan for Your Dreams!"




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