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Successful Colorado Horse Business Owners

It is said you have achieved the highest kind of success when you are able to make a living doing what you love. Meet three women with a passion for horses that have achieved this very goal. Take a few minutes to be inspired by their unique paths to success and maybe learn something to help you in your own pursuit of a successful horse business.

Meet Janet Foy, Author and Judge

Meet Sarah Martin, USDF Certified Instructor and Faculty member

Meet Stephanie Boyles, Founder and CEO of Unbridled Rider

Wildly Successful Author and Judge


High Profile Expert: Janet Foy

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Janet is a native of Colorado Springs. She graduated from JanetBookthe University of Colorado with a degree in advertising and marketing. Riding western and hunters from an early age, she was named the “Girl of the West” for the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo in 1973.


Her interest in dressage started when she lived in Oxford, England, and she passed several British Horse Society Instructor Exams. She is currently an FEI “I” judge, USEF “S” Dressage Judge and an USEF Sporthorse “R” Breeding Judge. She has judged at all major shows in the United States including the FEI North American Young Rider Championships, the FEI North American Junior Championships, the USA World Cup League Finals, the FEI North American Championships, Dressage at Devon, USET Festival of Champions and FEI shows in California, Illinois, Arizona, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Florida, Washington, and North Carolina.


She has also judged national championships and CDI***/W in Guatemala, England, Columbia, Costa Rica, Barbados, Canada, Poland, Australia and Mexico as well as the FEI World Cup League Finals for the United States, Canada and Australia. Janet was on the panel that selected the USA team for 2004 Athens, the 2006 WEG, the 2007 Pan American Games, 2008 Bejing and the 2010 WEG. The FEI appointed her to judge the 2010 Central American Caribbean Games in Puerto Rico.


She has passed her FEI Exam to be a Young Horse Judge, and has judged the USEF Young Horse and Developing Horse Championships several times. She is currently an apprentice FEI Technical Delegate.


As a rider, Janet has won her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals and gives clinics throughout the United States. Her students have also won many Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.


She writes articles for various horse magazines and was involved in producing and writing the scripts as well as doing the voice overs for several USDF judges training videos and USDF On The Levels.


She is a former member of the USDF Executive Board, the USA Equestrian Board of Directors, a current member of the federation Dressage Committee and the International High Performance Dressage Committee. She is also on the USDF “L” Faculty and instructs federation judges training programs throughout the United States for dressage and sport horse breeding.


She travels around the country conducting highly successful Trainer/Judge Symposiums with Steffen Peters and Debbie McDonald. She currently has a book in production highlighting the training of the non perfect dressage horse.


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HORSE 018High Profile Expert: Entrepreneur and Dressage Trainer, Sarah Martin. Sarah owns Taka Chi Dresssage, is an International Dressage Trainer, USDF Gold Medalist and Certified Instructor. Visit her at www.homeschooldressage.com.

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Meet Stephanie Boyles, Founder/CEO UnbridledRider.com

Where I Met Stephanie
I initially met Stephanie through a mutual acquaintance and Stephanie had us over for dinner. It was a special evening because Stephanie unveiled her idea and concept for UnbridledRider.com: an amazing experience to be in on from the beginning. Stephanie and I share a passion for horses and entrepreneurship so our connection is a natural one.  
What I Really Like About Stephanie 
Stephanie is a person with a good honest heart and a passion for life. She is focused and completely involved with her chosen endeavors. Stephanie balances her work and riding with a strong involvement with her family and has raised a smart and talented child, too.
Stephanie is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and has always loved horses. Her family jokes that she came out of the womb saying “Where’s the horse?” As a little girl Stephanie would ride her grandma’s cow, much to the cow’s chagrin, and her grandma said the cow wouldn’t give milk for a week after Stephanie’s visits. Stephanie is well-educated completing a PhD in mathematics by solving the Bounded Orbit Conjecture proposed by TJ Brauer in 1912—so she’s not just a pretty blond ( J). After graduation she was faced with the career decision of academia versus industry and Stephanie chose to work for AT&T Bell Laboratories in New Jersey as a systems engineer. She switched to the business strategy and marketing side of the industry and then transitioned to be a private consultant. Stephanie really enjoyed the flexibility and freedom of consulting work which lead her to the startup world and her present venture, Unbridled Rider, a website and collection of mobile apps geared toward equestrians.
My Ideal Client… 
Stephanie is very clear about who her ideal clients should be:
1. People with a passion for horses
2. People trying to improve their personal riding and ability to train horses
3. People looking for a supportive community
Stephanie provides a lot of value because she wanted to create something people would use and to combine the convenience and power of technology. Stephanie has produced the SmartPhone app 101 Dressage exercises that has now sold in over 38 countries!

3 SECRETS of my Personal Success 
1. Belief that it can be done and I can do it.
2. Staying positive. I went through a time feeling like I didn’t have enough time and a good friend told me “stop all the negative communication about other people and yourself”
3. Perseverance
1 Great Recommendation for the Next Person 
There are so many avenues available to young women today and it’s possible to create a path that’s uniquely tailored to your unique attributes. You are not limited to picking from the jobs that are available. You can create something completely new.
My Biggest Financial Question/Concern 
Young women should be self-sufficient and have their own way of making money. I’ve been married for 22 years and we have 3 pots of money. My husband and I created and continue to create thoughtful ways to contribute to our joint pot of money and in the process created clear boundaries and communication.
I enjoy discovering all of the ways successful women manage their money and discussing investment strategy ideas. I can be reached through my website www.taraenolan.com.

Contact Stephanie 
If you are interested to join the UnbridledRider community or just have a questions, please contact Stephanie at stephanie@unbridledrider.com or visit her website http://www.unbridledrider.com/. 


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